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    This tournament shall be run in accordance with FIE and CFF rules and regulations, subject to the interpretations of the Directoire Technique. 

    Genders may be mixed as required.



    $40 per event if per-registered prior to 31 May 2018.

    ($50 per event if registration at the door. All registration fees at the door payable by cash only.)


    ** You may preregister here: link



    • All competitors must hold a current membership (CFF/OFA or USFA etc) for the 2017-2018 season
    • All fencers are subject to Article t.15 of the FIE Rules and Regulations.
    • Full fencing attire, fencing pants, sous plastron is required (including head wire for foil)
    • Please ensure you are eligible for each event registered according to the CFF Age Classifications:
      • Under 13 – year of birth MUST be 2005 or later
      • Under 15 – year of birth MUST be 2003 or later
      • Cadet (U17) – year of birth MUST be 2001 or later



    SUNDAY, 3 JUNE, 2018

      Foil Epee Sabre
    9:00AM   Cadet  
    11:30AM   U15  
    Noon     Cadet
    1:00PM     U15
    1:30PM Cadet    
    4:00PM U15    




    For further information you may contact Michael McDonnell  mcdonnell_m@hotmail.com.

  • Date: June 3, 2018

    Venue: Toronto Fencing Club