$45 per event if per-registered prior to 6 June 2019. $60 per event if registration at the door. 

    All registration fees at the door payable by cash only.



    This tournament shall be run in accordance with FIE and CFF rules and regulations, subject to the interpretations of the Directoire Technique. 

    Genders may be mixed as required.



    • All competitors must hold a current membership (CFF/OFA or USFA etc) for the 2018-2019 season
    • All fencers are subject to Article t.15 of the FIE Rules and Regulations.
    • Full fencing attire, fencing pants, sous plastron is required (including head wire for foil)
    • Please ensure you are eligible for each event registered according to the CFF Age Classifications:
    • A Fencer cannot enter U13 and Cadet together of the same weapon.
      • Under 13 – year of birth MUST be 2006 or later
      • Under 15 – year of birth MUST be 2004 or later
      • Cadet (U17) – year of birth MUST be 2002 or later



    SUNDAY, 9 JUNE, 2019

    Times Indicate Close of  Registration

      Foil Epee Sabre
    9:00AM   Cadet  
    11:30AM   U15  
    Noon     Cadet
    1:00PM     U15
    1:30PM Cadet    
    4:00PM U15    


    For further information you may contact Michael McDonnell  mcdonnell_m@hotmail.com.



  • Date: June 9, 2019

    Venue: Toronto Fencing Club